Tank’s Return Home to the Howard Theatre 4/18

THEBOBBYPEN.com | @TheRealTank’s Return Home to the @HowardTheatre 4/18 :: Get Tix Here

Go back to a time in R&B when the music made love fun and lighthearted with sexy soul singer Tank‘s new single “You’re My Star.” The uptempo track will make even the toughest critic toe-tap and two step to the walk of the bassline. The good ‘ol days come to mind as this song is reminiscent of a Stevie Wonder or Luther Vandross track; iconic, in a word.


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Passionate Woman Debunks the War Against Blacks in the US

Passionate Woman Debunks the War Against Blacks in the US

“If you cannot write well, you cannot think well. If you cannot think well someone else will think for you.” WOO! Powerful words from a impassioned woman. I’m not sure what started this conversation, but this is how my friends and I talk. Sadly, not enough young African Americans have shared similar experiences and don’t realize the poison we’re fed and constantly consume from the dominant…

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